2015 IRTA Unit 90 Honoree
Len Kortekaas

It is with a great deal of pleasure and pride that the Unit 90 - Northwest Suburban Executive
Board has selected Leonard Kortekaas as our Unit Honoree at the State Convention.
In 2000 Leonard Kortekaas retired from Township High School District 211, where he was
Fremdís Mathematics chairman from 1971 - 1996. Leonardís many memories as an
educator include his experience as an assistant sponsor of student council and his many
years working with the math team.
On the local level, Leonard served faithfully as the Unit 90 Treasurer for six years and as
President for six years. He has sincerely enjoyed the comradeship and unifying spirit of the
retired teachers.
Through his dedicated service and his loyal commitment to the mission of IRTA, Leonard
Kortekaas is truly an outstanding representative of Unit 90 and IRTA.

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